Wades kind of music has become rich in lyrical imagery and strong in artistic roots. He has been writing and playing a mixture of country, gospel and bluegrass since he was a teenager. Wade began singing at a very young age, but it was in high school years that he started to take music more serious and develop his talents. He joined his high school music class, which not only gave him good exposure in front of an audience, but confidence as a performer. After graduating from high school, he started to play venues around his hometown along with continuing to enter in talent searches and competitions. One of which was the Texas-vs-Oklahoma “Showdown In The Desert”, in Las Vegas. Wade took first place and continues receiving requests to perform at the Gold Coast Casino.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Wade was developing a style all his own. In 1993, Wade went into the studio and completed his first album, “Long & Lonely Week”, but it wasn’t until 1995 with the release of “For Memories Only”, that he started receiving small market radio play and developing credit as an accomplished singer/songwriter. In 1997, Wade teamed up with friends and co-writers, Jerry Phifer and Kenneth Sheppard and wrote a powerful ballad entitled, “One From An Orphan’s Home”, which was added to his third album, “Day By Day”. The single not only received airplay in the United States, but also received excellent response in Europe and New Zealand. While in Las Vegas, the song hit radio and lead to an invitation to perform at the MGM Grand. “It was an unbelievable feeling. We performed an acoustic version of ‘One From An Orphan’s Home’, which was the perfect song because they were raising money for a children’s charity. It was myself and Jerry Phifer, who co-wrote the song with me. After we finished, there were tears in about everybody’s eyes and we received a standing ovation that seemed to last forever. It was one of the most unbelievable feelings I have ever had”, says Wade.

Wade headed back to Nashville in the Fall of 1999 and tamed up again with Ben Hall at The Home Place Studios for the recording of his forth album, “Hangin’ Around”. This album definitely puts the ‘Country’ back into Country. You’ll find yourself singing along with every song with either a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. It brings back the roots of country music and tells a story that listeners can relate to. The album also brings out his songwriting talents with the tunes of, “Hangin’ Around”, “Song’s On The Radio” and “Long & Lonely Week”.